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The San Diego Dog Trainer Directory was created by volunteer effort to provide a list of experienced trainers to adopters of rescue and shelter dogs and for the general public. All trainers have been screened and are using only scientific, modern positive reinforcement dog training methods. Dog trainers do not pay to be on this list.

The Mission

The mission of the San Diego Dog Trainer Directory is to provide a list of San Diego county dog training instructors who are committed to providing positive reinforcement dog training solutions to help people and their dogs learn in a humane, effective manner and to enhance the relationship between people and their dogs.

Dog Training Articles

What is positive reinforcement dog training? Most people who care for a dog or work with dogs have heard this term but what does it really mean? Positive reinforcement is animal trainer language for a method that rewards an animal when they do something right. Dog trainers - and for that matter most dog owners - know that when a dog gets a reward for doing a trick the dog is probably going to perform that same trick again. Read more

Dog Training Videos

Enjoy these educational dog training videos from our local San Diego dog training experts as well as other well-known dog trainers. Read more